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School Girl Struck by Speedy Car & Succumb to Injuries

Personal InjuriesA speedy car ended the life of a teenager school girl while she was crossing the road in Chesterfield, Missouri. The matter was reported to the local police authority, which came on the spot and gathered evidence of the accident & gets the case registered against the speedy car in the local police station ion Chesterfield. The police took hold of the car and arrested the car driver and took him behind the bars for necessary investigation.

It is reported that a teenage girl, Anne Josephine was return from school and she got down from her bus at her bus stop near her home. When she was crossing the road, then a speedy car coming from the city end could not control its speed and struck against the girl. The girl received serious injuries on her body and head as she was dragged by the car to long distance and her body was crushed with the car badly. Car driver tried to stop the car at once but it was getting late and the girl was injured badly. She was taken to the city hospital for necessary hospital but the girl could not sustain her serious injuries. She was died before the medical treatment was given to her as her injury received on her head was fatal and she could not survive her injuries. Now the case has been registered in the local police station against the responsible car driver. The police has started necessary investigation and probing into the matter what had happened on the road with the pedestrian school girl.

The parents of the girl are now going to contact with the personal injury professional to sue in the court against the car driver. The pedestrian accidents are serious and they involve personal injuries to the injured person. These personal injuries are the result of the negligence of other persons who failed to recognize their responsibilities while driving on the road. The professional personal injury solicitors can guide you in the right direction as he knows the rights which you get while crossing the road. The fatal accidents and personal injury cases also involve with heavy financial expenses, medical bills on account of treatment of the injured person and focus on the health and physical condition of the injured person after treatment of the injuries.

The personal injury solicitors can help you to file the case in the court and he also helps you to provide the medical documents and lab result with your case in the court. He may include necessary clauses of the law in your case, which support your case and seek justice from the court. The personal injury claim will help you to recover the financial expenditure involved in this case. The personal injury lawyer will help you to protect your basic human rights and it is the first priority of the lawyers to protect your interest. You can also prove the responsible party guilty in this case by your personal injury lawyer and win the compensation claim for the injuries and damage done to them or their relatives.

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