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Effective Legislation for Control over Gender Base Violence

Medical Negligence LawGender-based violence is also known as GBV and this violence is caused for the epidemic disease of HIV, which is great threat for the human being. This GBV is an important source of the human rights violation in Southern and Eastern Africa. The combination of structural violence and intimate partner violence provide the vast approach for the human rights which was resulted into the gender based violence. National Strategic Plans are designed for the AIDS and HIV which shape the business, government, donors and the responses of NGOs to the HIV programs in the country. If these will not deal with properly in the hospital then doctors will also responsible for their medical negligence.

HIV and AIDS are spreading quickly in the Southern and Eastern Africa and the main cause of its spreading is the contribution of gender based violence. It is important to provide basic information or awareness to the common people that intimate partner violence is creating threat to the diseases of HIV and AIDS. National Strategic Plans is working with their policies and intervening programs for the AIDS and HIV for the reduction of the threat of GBV. The HIV plus women should be provided proper medical treatment as the timely treatment of the women can save their lives as well as other people otherwise it will be dealt with under the laws of medical negligence.

Initially, GBV was not considered the relationship with the human rights and its violence was not considered fatal. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in 1995 gave this violence a new direction and GBV was included in the violation of human rights. The discrimination behavior with women was considered violence and the need to deal with this violence was considered at that time. Some international legislation like Protocol of African Charter on the Rights of Human and People on rights of women in Africa gave strong perception for the violence against women is actually violence against human rights. United Nations has also passed the resolution in the Convention on Elimination of All kinds of Discrimination against women which shows the gender based abuse in any kind of violence like sexual, physical or psychological harm or torment against women in the shape of deprivation of liberty, arbitrary and coercion in the private or public life.

When the violence against women was increased then the relationship with the violence and violation of human rights was sought to address the ever-increasing threat of HIV and AIDS. It also reveals through various reports that the women who become target of intimate partner violence, are likely to be HIV positive. In the intimate partner violence cases, women have to face various threats including physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The women with HIV positive become increase in danger of structural violence to vast extent because of the relationships with the gender. Another kind of violation is the coerced and enforced sterilization of women having HIV positive and poor treatment of the women during their delivery and criminal transmission of HIV. The women with HIV positive will have to face problems to get the effective treatment and careful services being provided to her and it expose the women to the institutional violence.

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