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Domestic Abuse Affecters Seek Help from Glasgow Health Board Policy

Negligence LawMost of the female have to face very odd situation at their homes, which has been created mostly by their husbands or fewer from their fathers or brothers. Some of them have courage to approach to the court for want of justice and in some cases, they bear the situation and do not ask for the justice. Various organizations and NGOs have appeared to settle these problems and about all governments of the countries adopted various plans and policies to uproot these odd behaviors and save the women from injustice and cruelty of men.

Recently, the health board of Scotland has formulated a policy which will work for the betterment of the female staff to avoid the domestic sufferings and pains, which is being done with them at their homes. The organization like NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has prepared some guidelines for their managers to follow it. These guidelines help them in the identification and support of the staff, which are already facing such problems. The study shows that one in five female staff members is facing the domestic abuse and Scottish government as well as women are supporting this approach to settle these problems. A campaign was launched to support the staff in which one participant has revealed that she also became victim of the cruelty and unjust behavior of her husband.

A visitor of Glasgow health center, who is now 59 years old, got married at the age of 16 years. She revealed that she suffered the physical, sexual and verbal pains for 26 years. She faced the cruel situation of injuries being received on her nose and her head was also split open. She got her treatment in the hospital and she did not show what had happened with her. Most of the women do not leave this relationship due to various reasons. Some of them sustain this relationship due to fear and embarrassment and they do not tell anything in their family especially with their parents. They want to protect the relationship and do not want to disturb their parents and other family members and tell her friends and colleague that everything is going well.

Some of the women want to carry on education of their children as separation will result into creating disturbances in their lives and affecting the education of their babies. In the developing countries, the situation is worse as the execution of legal formalities in such cases is not carried out. One of the affected women, Ms Garrity shared her horrible story with another health visitor. She started saving money from her income so that she can buy a flat but it took long time to gather sufficient amount for her purpose. Finally she bought a flat and she sighed of relief to come out of the cruel environment, where she lost precious years of her life. She said that such policies are useful for other women as this policy will support these domestic abuse affected women to get help and support and come out of the cruel life with unkind persons.

Source :  BBC

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