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David Hynds won Work Accident Claim for £70,000

Work AccidentDavid Hynds has faced the accident at his work place and he got the compensation for his injuries for £70,000. It is reported that Mr David Hynds was working in the engineering firm, David Reekie and Sons. As he was working in the engineering firm located in Lincoln in 2008, he met with an accident when a cutting tool fell from the height of four meters on Mr Hynds and it trapped him between the girder support and ground.

Mr David Hynds, belong to Kilbarchan was injured during the routine working in the engineering firm and he tried to save himself from the girder support. During to process of getting free himself from the girder support, the cutting tool fell upon him and pressed him against the ground. After some time of struggling to get free from the weight of cutting tool, he was slid down from the tool. He was immediately shifted to the Lincoln County Hospital for necessary x-ray for his injuries. In the x-ray report, there was no sign of fractures in his body parts.

Mr David Hynds reported that he suffered severe pain in his spine due to compression of the girder support and the ground. The doctors diagnosed that he suffered from soft tissue injury and they provided him necessary medical treatment and advised him to go back to the work. Similarly, another assessment was taken in the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley. The doctors carried out his medical treatment and advised him to take painkiller and go back to the work and do the light work prescribed by the medical experts.

Again in 2009, Mr Hynds stopped working with the complaint of pain in his body. His MRI scan was conducted which showed that he was suffering from compression deformity of spine and he will undergo a major surgery for the reconstruction of the affected parts of his body to make it correct. The surgery of the compression deformity of the spine was undertaken.

Mr Hynds filed a suit in the court for the compensation claim on medical ground as the work accident may result into his disability or he may face financial problems due to his work accident and he sought £500,000 as compensation amount for his pain and suffering. The court admitted his claim and ordered for grant of compensation claim to him for his sufferings. Due to his suffering and pain, he also got the replacement of his earnings and pension from his engineering firm, David Reekie and Sons.

While pronouncing the judgment of the case, the judge, Lord Glennie said that Mr Hynds had received life threatening and serious injuries which could endanger his life. He fought his case in the court but did not give any gesture that he was exaggerating the impact of the accident, which he received physically and psychologically. He gave good impression during his case that he was good witness of the case and he accepted all the decisions of the court regarding compensation claim on the ground of work accident.

Source:  BBC

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