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Category: Car Accident Claims

Car Race Driver Died in NASCAR Nationwide Series

Car Accident ClaimRace car driver, Jason Leffler died in a dirt car race accident when he was participating in the qualifying round of 250 auto race for NESCAR Nationwide series on the Subway Jalapeno. He was the participant of this dirt car race and competed for the qualifying session of the NASCAR Nationwide Series and competed for the 250 auto race held on the Daytona Beach at Daytona International Speedway. When he participated for the heat race at the dirt car event, he met with an accident and died in this accident. The accident was taken place at the Bridgeport Speedway in Swedesboro on June 12, 2013. This dirt track for the heat race was located at 15 kilometers away from south west of Philadelphia. The police of New Jersey State, is trying to determine the reasons and consequences of the dirt track accident in which the car driver was died.

The case was also interrogated from other eye witnesses of the incident, which was happened on June 12, 2013. The police met with the eye witness of the incidence, Chris Taitt and he said that at the moment of accident, he was looking on the other side but he remembered that he was in the second position and suddenly his car was struck against the wall of the track in the fourth turn. What is the reason of his collision against the wall, he did not know. He looked that the wing of the car was spread like a pancake and his driving seat was also not present at the same position.

It is worth mentioning that Leffler was residing on the Long Beach in California and he has already won the Nationwide Series of NASCAR two times including Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500. He spent most of his time to make preparation of the NASCAR race which was held at Pocono and he practiced at the dirt track for his new heat race. He also won about $7000 from the 410 Sprint car race, which was conducted on Wednesday last. This car race was arranged with minor drivers and it is considered the best car race of this year so far. The management has fixed heavy tickets on this race and they also announced the attractive and expensive gifts for the car racing drivers and this race was something better than the normal race being conducted on the nights of Friday and Saturday.

The heirs of the car race driver are thinking to sue the case of car accident claim against the management of the car race. It is the responsibility of the car racing management to remove all harmful material and ensure the construction of the wall in such that it can stop the car but did not become reasons of the collision with the cars. They filed the suit of car accident claim against the dirt track management as three other accidents are also happened during last month, which creates safety concerns for the drivers. The cases will be decided in due course of time as court has demanded various documents and reports supporting to the car accident claim.

Carl Pistorius Faced Car Accident Death Case

Carl Pistorius, elder brother of Oscar Pistorius was arrested by the South African police with the allegation that he killed a woman in the traffic accident about five year ago. His younger brother was released by the court two days before this incident. The sources of family denied to accept the responsibility of the incidence and said that he was innocent and they would sue in the court in his favour. The family also confirmed that Carl was appeared before the judge in this case and the court ordered him to appear again before the court.Car Accident ClaimPresently he is staying in his uncle’s home and he is continuously attending the court to face the allegations fabricated against him. The e-News Channel has broken up the news for the arrest of Carl Pictorius with the charge of murder of model, Reeva in an accident on February 14. The family of Carl has announced that they will sue the case in the court. The police suspected that the accident has been taken place as he was drunk but the lab report of his blood proved that the allegation of drinking was baseless. It was simple road accident in which model, Reeva struck against his car and she was died on the spot.

Oscar Pistorius participated in the London Special Olympics and he also qualified for the semi final of 400 meters. He was born with the defect that there were no bones in his lower legs. This deficiency of bones in his lower legs led him to set the amputation and blades prepared with carbon fiber. He has his own motor car in which he moves from one place to other. His elder brother, Carl, who is physically normal and he drove the car on that day, collided with a woman, which resulted into her death. The police got the case registered against him and arrested him in this case.

When the case started in the court, the police presented all necessary documents and investigation report with finding of the accident. The court examined the case and ordered the opposing lawyer for his statement on this case. The heirs of the deceased woman were also presented in the court with the claim that the accident has been happened by the mistake of the driver. It is their right to file the case in their favor and sue for the justice as well as claim for the negligence of the driver in the particular accident. The documents were not supported their claim as enough evidences were missed in this case.

It is also reported that the father of the deceased woman said in the court through his lawyer that if Carl Pistorius told the whole truth of this tragic incident in the court then he might thinking to forgive him and he also took back the case of his compensation claim for the death of his daughter. The lawyer of Carl Pistorius claimed that he wanted to misguide them and wanted some undue favor in this way as they could not prove their case in the court in the absence of enough evidences.

Tragic Accidents Left Two Dead Several Injured

webcrash_fct1024x630x53_t460A horrible accident was happened between a car and a road train which resulted into death of 2 people and other people injured. The police and other emergency services reached on the spot and they rescued the injured people and drawn out the dead bodies of two people.

According to the report, on June 02, 2013 at about 2:40 pm, the accident between the car and the heavy truck was occurred on the Warrego highway 15 kilometers in the east of Dalby. The truck was driven on the right direction when a speedy car ran from the wrong side of the road and it came in front of the truck. The truck driver tried to apply the brakes but it was getting late and he could not control the vehicle. The car driver was also failed to save it and carried out the car away from the truck. As a result, the car collided with the truck and was crush badly when it was dragged by the heavy truck. This horrible collision left two persons dead, including car driver and the passenger sitting beside him. The people sitting on the rear seat were injured and they did not become target of the heavy wheels of the truck but they received serious injuries.

Soon after the happening of tragic traffic accident, the city traffic police of Dalby and rescue emergency providers were called for rescuing the injured people and drawing out deal people as well as restoring the traffic system. The injured persons were shifted to the Dalby hospital. There were two other men having ages of 36 and 46, shifted to hospital in which one received critical injuries and the other two were out of danger. But the truck driver was safe and the car was brutally crashed in this accident. The heavy was also become out of order and it was moved from the accident place with heavy crane.

Due to this fatal accident happened on the road and traffic was blocked, another traffic accident was occurred some 100 meters away from the spot. In this accident, a car towing the caravan struck against it, which caused two persons injured. The rescue service was provided to the two persons, including husband and wife, both were above 60 years age, got injured. Then they were also shifted to the hospital. The traffic police could not get the road cleared from the accidental vehicles which created problems in normal traffic.

It is cleared that the accident was occurred due to negligence of the car driver who was died in this accident. According to the laws, the passengers of car are not eligible to make a claim for compensation against truck driver or other person as the car driver committed this accident. It will also be very difficult to prove in the court that it was the mistake of the truck driver. In the car accident case or compensation claim, you will have to provide the documents and proofs in the court to prove the mistake of the responsible person.

Minor Son of NCP Leader Killed 2 Years Old Girl in Car Accident

thA speedy car crushed the baby of two years on the Highway and the responsible driver was caught on the sport and the case has been filed against him. It has been report that on the Wednesday morning, when two small female kids were walking along the road with their uncle and they were going to the temple. When they reached near the Hudco TV Center Chowk, they were hit by the speedy car and injured the two female kids & their uncle. The two years old baby was died on the spot but other injured people were brought to the hospital for medical help. The police arrested the responsible driver and took the SUV car in their custody to carry out investigations of the car accident.

The initial investigation showed that the driver is the son of senior National Congress Party leader Abdul Qadeer Maulana who is only 17 years old. This accident was occurred on last Wednesday at 08:15 am in the morning. At the time of accident, he was driving the car and his driver was sitting next to him. The boy was driving the car furiously, when he reached near the Hudco TV Center Chowk, he could not control his car. The car hit the two kids and their uncle, who were walking along with road then car ran into another vehicle and a shop and ruined them. The three people received serious injuries and the 2 years young baby could not succumb to her injuries and died on the spot. People gathered around the accident place and the mob tried to burn the car and hit the responsible driver. The police took action immediately and they dispersed the mob and controlled the situation.

During the investigation, the police took the help of the CCTV footage which clearly indicated that the son of the senior NCP leader was driving the car and he was responsible for the tragic accident while his driver was seated next to him. The police arrested the driver on the spot and registered the case against him. The senior police officers told that they are probing into the incident and they are trying to find out the factual position of the incident so that they can carry on the investigation. The heir of the deceased child has demanded with the concerned authorities to take legal action against the responsible person and execute the case legally against him.

The parents of the deceased child have also demanded with the state authorities as well as with the judiciary to provide them justice. They also demanded for the necessary financial aid in the shape of compensation claim for the deceased child and the injured persons of the family. Due to this accident, this poor family has to face different problems including the injuries and financial problem incurred on the last ceremonies of the deceased child as well as expenses on the treatment of their injured persons. The compensation case will be launched against the responsible driver and it will be decided in due course of time.

Car accident Claims

Since very young age we are taught about how we should behave while driving a car in order to avoid any accident on road. From very beginning, even before our driving age, we are told to put on seat belts and not to distract the driving person while on the wheel; we also get warning about messing around in cars. And after reaching the age when we learn how to drive ourselves, we got the real lessons about road safety. We then come to know how to obey traffic rules, road signals and other rules and regulations to keep off car accident claims. All these training’s and rules are not just to protect ourselves but all other driving on road. Knowing and learning all this, still if we end up making car accident claims, it is frustrating.

Car accident Claims

Several car accidents are reported every day and people injured in these incidents suffer from terrible injuries which may last for weeks or even for the rest of their whole lives. Sometimes, car accident injuries make a person unable to perform his job or daily tasks of life; his whole life is impacted. It is of no surprise then that many people who make car accident claims are left with no other way to go – they have to opt for making a claim as it is the way through which they can get compensated for at least their financial losses caused by the accident.

However, car accident claims can be made for a variety of injuries sustained during accident. Most common types of road side accident injuries include: bone fracture, whiplash, or even internal organ damage and brain damage in serious accidents. That is the reason; an experienced solicitor is needed for car accident claims so as to get maximum pay-out and assistance.

Car accident claims are made by almost all types of people on roads. A claimant may be a car driver who got a serious collision due to someone else’s fault. Or it may be a cyclist or a bike rider run down by some careless car driver. It is also possible that a passenger in a vehicle got injured in an accident caused by driver’s mistake. Whatever is the situation, car accident claims can be made in all those cases where you inflict injuries due to the negligence of others – in case of claim success, a claimant receives compensation proportionate to his losses.

However, it is quite stressful for many to pursue car accident claims. It is generally assumed by accident victims that intricacies of legal claims would just augment their pain and suffering. It is not far from the reality. It must be noted by all claimants who are confident of the merit of their claims that they can avail ‘no win no fee’ claims so as to minimize their risk of legal expenses. Secondly, all of the case details would be handled by solicitors. All you have to take care is, choose a well-qualified solicitor to fight your car accident claims.

A car accident victim who was awarded more than £ 1.2 million of settlement

During Christmas, many people indulge in a lot of pleasurable activities. Some people organise parties, while others organise picnics and outings. Apart from parties and outings, people also resort to travelling to holiday destinations such as resorts and tourist attraction sites. While others are busy enjoying some good pleasurable activities, some people choose to indulge in vices such as excessive beer drinking. If such people are allowed to drive a car, the chances of them causing an accident are fairly high. It is unfortunate to learn that many people are victims of accidents that they did not even cause, particularly because someone else was driving recklessly after a drinking spree.

A car accident victim who was awarded more than £ 1.2 million of settlement

One Christmas holiday, a certain man was driving recklessly after drinking excessively. Just after driving for about 30 minutes, he lost control of his car and hit another car driver who was just ahead of him. Both cars did not take long to overturn and sway off the road. Luckily for Tom, the car driver whose car was hit from behind, managed to call for help from one of the nearest rescue teams. However, he will be shocked by their lack of professionalism in the way they handled their work. An accident victim usually needs a lot of attention because one’s life is at stake. Therefore, the rescue team involved must have highly qualified medical personnel. Tom was shocked to learn that the rescue team that he had summoned was not well equipped. Despite having been bleeding profusely, Tom’s wounds did not receive the utmost care they desired. As a result, one of his legs was amputated because he had lost too much blood. Although Tom’s other wounds were bandaged, they still continued to bleed. This was a clear indication that the wounds were not bandaged properly.

In general, Tom had suffered greatly because of the professional negligence that was exhibited by the medical personnel that was part of the rescue team. Professional negligence can occur in many various fields other medicine and accident rescue teams. It is said to have occurred if a professional either fails to perform one’s duties in a proper manner or if a professional does not use the required methods when carrying out a particular professional task such as a surgical operation, bandaging an accident victim or the electrical wiring of a house. If you have been a victim of professional negligence, do not hesitate to file a claim for compensation.

Tom, the accident victim who has been referred to above, was awarded more than £1.2 million for the injuries that he had suffered due to the lack of professionalism of the medical personnel that was part of the rescue team. He lost his leg, which would have been healed if the medical personnel had bandaged his leg wounds early enough. On the other hand, his spine was also injured permanently because the medical personnel did not give him proper medical attention on the scene of the accident.